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You are now boarding


Reload! WebTVrs "CMD R".

It's about 25-seconds loading time

To enjoy the complete journey!

WebTVrs, wait for the green line to stop

moving on your control panel before

taking the journey or you'll miss the views!










Prepare for launch!



H-e-l-l-o ... I didn't say "lunch!"


Now sit back back, relax & fasten

your seat-belt!


Let's begin the countdown...

Pssst...You have to count

outload with me!


Hiccup .. hiccup

Hold on .. hiccup ..

I need .. hiccup ..

something to .. hiccup ..

drink .. hiccup

I'll be right .. hiccup ..

back ...



Gulk, gulk, gulk



Aw ... that's better!

Now where did we leave off?

What'd you mumble ... "jive?"

This isn't "jive." Why do

you think this is "jive?"

Oh .. "Five" ..

You gotta talk-up over these engines!

Okay ... resume count-down ...

... Why do you have that look

on your face like you just ate

something that doesn't agree with you?

If I didn't know better,

I'd think you was agitated with me ..

Now .. if YOU'RE READY ...


And we have a lift-off!!!








Get prepared for a sudden stop!










Take a look out the window there!

It's not everyday that you get to visit the Milkway, the Moon and the shores of an unexplored planet within a matter of a few seconds ... huh?!!!

Pssst ... If you're not seeing that right now, you didn't wait for the green line to stop moving on your control panel!






Okay, wave good-bye!


HELLO!!! I don't see you waving good-bye! Take your hands of that gadget in front of you and wave!

Oh .. I see. You must be one of those sentimental types who doesn't like to ever say "good-bye." Okay .. grab a tissue and we'll leave quietly.

This should cheer you up. We've got another stop to make on our journey!









Prepare for another sudden stop!






We're approaching another splendid view.

I know you're reeling with anticipation!!!






Doesn't this simply inspire you?








WEE-HAH!!! We're sure having some fabulous fun now!!! I bet we could circle this planet for hours!!!



What are you mumbling ... What?!!! You're going to hit the "bail-out button?" Not the "bail-out button!!!" You can't bail-out from way up here! said the "back-out" button. What?!!! Please don't hit the "back-out button!" Why would you want to hit the "back-out button?!!"


Okay ...

I'll tell you what

this is really about ...

I just wanted an excuse to send you ..



And to give you a great big ...




Hope you enjoyed the "Galactic Hug" journey! You may now disembark from your seat or hit that "back-out button" or send this to your friends so that they can take the journey!




Treasures For You
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