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Reload! WebTVrs "CMD R".
Turn-up the sound.

Need to have your day spiced-up a bit? Well, here's some activities meant for having fun only.

The Age Gauge - Click Here! Hmmmm ... an interesting gadget.

Cyrano - Click Here! A tip ... first send one of these to yourself before sending one to someone else and see how it functions.

The Dialectizer - Click Here! If you wished you'd learned another language, here's a chance. Change English into Elmer Fudd, a Swedish chef, a moron and more.

Live Cams - Click Here! If you need to get out of the house, but don't want to leave your keyboard to do so, check this out.

A Virtual Plesthora Of Personality Tests - Click Here! A chance to explore your world, and again you won't have to leave the keyboard to engage in these activities.


Well, hope you've found something fun to do here.

Here's to enjoying your day!!!


Treasures For You
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